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Leo Laporte, Hard at Work
Mac tricks

Image by Stuck in Customs
This photo below is a 5-exposure HDR. It was shot with a Nikon D3X (see my Nikon D3X Review) in aperture priority. The five shots were at -2, -1, 0, +1, and +2. Of course, Leo was moving around betwixt the exposures, so there are some tricks to fix that. It’s all there inside the free HDR Tutorial.

But you don’t need a big expensive camera like that to make HDRs. I have good/better/best suggestions on my HDR Camera recommendations page.

20100124 Desktop Screenshot
Mac tricks

Image by Thomas R. Stegelmann
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I read a lot over the last couple of weeks on Dieter Rams and his work for Braun. Inspired by his 10 principles of good design, I created my current desktop design (Fullsize). No more noise, no more clutter and no more distraction

I work on my primary screen (Dell SP2309W). The secondary monitor (MacBook) is used to display my most important information (date, time, weather, gMail and iTunes) and often abused to watch a movie while working.

On the primary screen, I removed all element from the menu bar. Dropbox required a little trick and I haven’t yet successfully removed Spotlight’s icon. The dockbar is empty, hidden and only displays running applications. I use Quicksilver to launch any required application/ Mouse is so 2007. Perhaps 2008.

On the secondary screen, I used icons from gosquared, geektool and Bowtie for displaying iTunes.

And I did similar things to Firefox.

Thats it :-)